The Open Contracting Partnership

Open Contracting Partnership works with governments, civil society,
and business to open up and monitor public procurement.

Public contracting is the largest marketplace in the world. Governments spend around US$ 9.5t a year on contracts with private companies: this spending is vital to deliver services to citizens, to public governance and to global development.

The Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) was launched in 2015 as a silo-busting collaboration across governments, business, and civil society to open up the entire process of planning, awarding, and delivering these contracts. OCP drives improved value for money, public integrity and service delivery by shifting government contracting from closed documents and paper-based processes to digital services that are smart, fair, efficient and ‘open-by-design’.

OCP works globally, but the Chandler Foundation investment will be targeted at delivering social returns from improving government procurement in three countries: Malaysia, Paraguay, and Chile. OCP has identified these countries as having very promising opportunities for large-scale impact, with a strong emerging ecosystem of data users and government reformers working together.

OCP is co-led by Gavin Hayman, Executive Director and former Director of Global Witness; and Kathrin Frauscher, Deputy Executive Director, who spun off OCP which she formerly led at the World Bank – sensing it could be more effective outside the institution.

“ The diagnosis is clear: a healthier procurement market leads to healthier patients and wealthier hospitals. More open public contracting and joined-up data helps keep a pulse on fair prices for medicines – as in Honduras – and making sure health centers remain in use and well equipped – as in Nigeria – and can save hospitals over 15% of their purchases – as in Ukraine. ”

Gavin Hayman

Executive Director
Open Contracting Partnership

“ Procurement isn’t only a preventative tool; it can drive performance and innovation too. Open and better contracting can open doors to much better solutions for citizens in health, education, infrastructure, transit, and many other areas. It can create opportunities for many more, and more diverse companies. ”

Kathrin Frauscher

Deputy Executive Director
Open Contracting Partnership

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